Glyph - odes of wailing, hymns of mourning - LTD aside/Bside Vinyl LP

By Glyph
$23.99 USD

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Great Release from Shape of Storm Records. Limited to 250 copies only. 

After a period of some quiet, Glyph comes screaming out of the void with a new full length entitled “odes of wailing, hymns of mourning”.
It’s been over a year since the last full length “a time of peril” and the two singles since only hinted at what is contained here. Eight tracks of menacing atmospheric black metal, both discordant and driving and almost cathartic as the 35 minutes come to an end.
A record well crafted and full of intent, informed by pain and triumph both.
There is a sorrow here, pinning the songs into place, but yet one gets the impression that hope lives behind the maelstrom herein.
This record is Glyph stretching its wings, flying directly into the sun.