IMMOLATION - Dawn of Possession - LTD Red/Black Marble Vinyl

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The band formed in May 1986 by Andrew Sakowicz (bass guitar, vocals) and Dave Wilkinson (drums) under the name Rigor Mortis (NY). After recording the Warriors of Doom demo, the band changed their name to Immolation in April 1988. The band signed a record deal with Roadrunner Records and released their debut album Dawn of Possession. Immolation was dropped when Roadrunner Records dropped nearly all of the death metal bands on its roster.

Immolation relies on riffs written in dissonant harmonic patterns, often dueling between the two guitars, to progress songs, typically over complex rhythm and drum patterns. Their riffs are often a mixture of fast tremolo picking and a lot of power chords and pinched harmonics to lay down a wall of sound that many bands have tried to use in their own music. Their guitar parts are often highly complex and technically proficient. Drum parts are often written to follow the guitar riffs in a way that is unusual for most death metal.  

The debut album from them is frequently cited as being an important and highly influential album, having laid down the blueprint that bands such as Cryptopsy and Suffocation would follow with their respective debuts.

Produced by Harris John and wrapped up in a legendary artwork done by Andreas Marshall, IMMOLATION 's debut album ' Dawn of Possession' has become a much sought death metal album by connoisseurs and aficionados.