ACOD - Verset Noirs - Transparent Red/Black Marble Vinyl LP

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200 copies limited edition on transparent red marble vinyl, with insert in a PVC bag.

Elaborate and unrestrained ACOD dives deeper into the Abyss!

The French ACOD has just returned from beyond to relate you their journey on the other side.

Hidden from everyone, a sorority of witches needs to find the chosen one in the afterlife. Now the day is slowly ending and the night will fall on humanity.

Burdened with fear, borrowed from melancholy and Mediterranean melodies, your soul will travel to the heart of different eras, constantly crossing the path of witches.

You will discover it through these four Black/Death occult metal tracks that make up this cursed sixth album of ACOD.

Trowned into the meanders, the brutality and the elevation will be draped with a black veil to leave no choice to the passenger of the afterlife.

The cover track from Samael ‘Black Trip’ sublime it, summarizes by closing the doors of this opus.

Occasionally a record will come along with so much obvious effort and variation put into it that it feels like the band really planned out some veritable tour de force, and such is the case for ACOD’s “Verset Noirs”.

Ostensibly an admixture of black, death and thrash metal, they’ve also got no opposition to tossing in symphonic sequences, narrative samples, or more accessible riffs and melodies than you might expect given their track record.

The bottom line is that they have crafted this comprehensive album in which anything can go as long as it services the songwriting, and you will enjoy the experience for all that it draws upon, and the fact that it defies any sort of easy predictability while not swinging too far outside the box.

• Sixth album by one of France’s leading inovative Black Metal bands

• Recorded and Mixed by Sebastien Camhi at Studio Artmusic

• Mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen studio (a.o. Volbeat, Onslaught, Arch Enemy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Invocator)

• ACOD is an active live band and played festival like Hellfest, 70.000 Tons, Motocultor Festival and more!