Angizia – Die Kemenaten scharlachroter Lichter – *Limited 250* Double White Gatefold Vinyl DLP

By Angizia
$64.00 CAD

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BBV Direct Import - Greece. 

Style: Black Metal, Avantgarde, Baroque, Progressive Metal

  • New Mastering by Thomas Tannenberger (Abigor).
  • New cover & artwork by Bernd Grünwald & Michael Haas
  • Printed Insert (including original lyrics)
  • First time on vinyl.
  • 180 gr vinyls.

Limited Double White Gatefold  (250 copies)

The Circle Music proudly announces the release of Angizia’s – ” Die Kemenaten scharlachroter Lichter” for the first time on vinyl. This is basically where it all started for this very special & unique band. The first demo Kissarna (1995) & the split release with Amestigon (1996) never foresaw the release of this monumental debut album that appeared 26 years ago like a bolt of lighting. 

From then on, nothing would be the same. Angizia without a trace of exaggeration, invented a new path in black metal, perfectly grafting so many musical genres. Perhaps the first thing we had to describe “Die Kemenaten…” was that they introduced a progressive black metal avant-garde aesthetic to the baroque. 

Die Kemenaten…” is a genius album, full of bold ideas and innovative techniques, which flloods the listener with images and emotions. Its 5 chapters comprise not only one of the best albums ever released by Angizia, but also one of the most historic that will be remembered by music scholars of the future.

26 years ago, the solid foundations were laid for all the exciting moments that these amazing Austrians would generously give us since then!