[BBV Exclusive] Yfel - Beneath The Mountain's Vigil - Hand Numbered Limited Vinyl LP

By Yfel
$44.00 CAD

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This Press is available Exclusively at Blastbeats Vinyl. Released by Fiadh Productions.

Limited to only 100 copies (there are no other variants), hand numbered. Swamp-Green w/ Black Splatter. All photos are of the actual release by BBV. No mockups or AI. 

Columbus, Ohio’s Yfel has woven a haunting tapestry of atmospheric black metal, tinged with tales of unity, struggle, & resistance against oppressive forces. Drawing inspiration from historical battles like the Battle of Blair Mountain, the band delves deep into the tragic scars of coal mining—both on our environment & the souls forced to toil in its recesses. With tracks that conjure a landscape of desolation, yet threaded with moments of eerie beauty & fierce determination, the album serves as a clarion call for unity and uprising. Pensive, woeful, & foreboding, yet laced with hope & resilience, this is atmospheric black metal that strikes at the very core of societal injustices. It's a poignant reminder that in the face of overwhelming darkness, together, we can ignite a beacon of change 🔥