Manipulator / Mulciber / Stench Price - Suffer and Continue Split - Vinyl LP - Splatter

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"Suffer and Continue" is an international 3-way vinyl split from Manipulator, Mulciber and Stench Price. Spanning from the US to Siberia and back again, these three projects consist of wildly different member make ups, from Manipulator, a one man project, to Stench Price, an international collaboration with countless contributors to the more standard live 4-piece unit that is Mulciber. While the Stench Price and Mulciber audio offerings contained herein both have seen the light of day via existing digital and CD releases, the 2-part Manipulator track kicking the album off is a fresh piece of music exclusive to this release. Each band also submits a collection of accompanying music videos which can be found at the links below. Read on for a bit more info on each band and their portion of this release.

Full split album stream -

MANIPULATOR, a mostly one-man death-grind project from NYC is the brainchild of Andrew Notsch (ex-Sunless, current This is the Last Time) who writes and performs all songs. Lyrical content and samples are provided by long time collaborator Tim Bradley, another member of This is the Last Time. All album artwork and related collateral as well as the accompanying music video that contains his portion of the split release were also created by Notsch.

Mixed and Mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Studios, Minneapolis, MN.

Manipulator - “Coattail Ouroboros // Sickening Power” Music Video -


MULCIBER, a 4-piece death metal outfit from Cleveland, Ohio consisting of Bill Zakovec (Cholera, ex-Limbsplitter), Aaron Gall (ex-Psyclosarin, Craving Gore), Bill Long (ex-Psyclosarin) and Ian Lanney (ex-Psyclosarin). They seek to blend different era’s and subgenres of death metal into something that stands out from contemporary extreme metal. In contribution to this split, Mulciber chose three distinct tracks from their EP Misery of One that give the listener the best sonic image of their brand of death metal. Caught in Fire, being one of their more aggressive tracts in terms of speed and technicality is one of their favorites to play live. In this track, you can hear inspiration from bands like Suffocation, Aborted and Blood Red Throne. To balance speed with groove, Wage of Death and Forsaken Lies are slower in tempo but still punishing, more in the vein of Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. All tracks contributed to this release have common lyrical inspiration from John Milton's 1667 epic poem Paradise Lost.

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Roof Top Recordings by Tony Tipton, vocals recorded at Mercenary Studios by Noah Buchanon.

Mulciber - “Christ Deceiver” Music Video - (bonus, not on the split)


STENCH PRICE, an international musical project by Siberian metal visionary and bassist Peter G. Shallmin (Isgherurd Morth, Escapethecult, Kamlath) and Max Konstantinov (Nebesniesnami) who provides the vicious edge with the guitar. Meanwhile, French drummer Romain Goulon (Necrophagist, Aggressor) brings full-force percussive power to the gruesome heaviness of STENCH PRICE. This, combined with the Samba and Lounge elements of this project, creates a schizophrenic Yin and Yang effect that promises to catch even the most ardent listener completely off guard.

Indonesia-born heavyweight vocalist Karina Utomo (Rinuwat, Kilat, High Tension) lent a scream to “Pressure” that will show the world just why Shallmin calls her “A fierce angel, an extreme punk princess”. Karina committed raw emotion to this record, showing a personal and harrowing account of tragic events in her home country.

And the final of this release is a large-scale event in terms of the number of participants - the "Rio" song, includes all the way from Bogota, a world-class talent of Colombians AAINJAA who delivers a massive live batucada drumming alongside with brutal vocals of Tony Campos (Asesino, Soulfly, StaticX, Possessed etc.), spiced with unexpected Carnival vibe by Russian vocalists Pavel Selezneff, Ange and acoustic guitars by Igor Jushenko!

For such an ambitious musical effort as this, STENCH PRICE knew that only one man would be right to deal with the mixing and mastering of the songs – Mr. Tom Morris of the iconic Morrisound Recording Studio, the birthplace of the original Death Metal sound.

Stench Price - “Rio” Music Video -

Stench Price - “Pressure” Music Video -