MASTER - Let's Start A War - Green/Yellow Marble Vinyl LP

By Master
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Death/Thrash Metal classic remastered! A strong Master album re-issued. Paul Speckmann played a key role in the Death Metal formative years, with bands like Terrorizer and Entombed acknowledging him and Master as a major influence. And both Master’s first effort and the one and only Deathstrike album could be considered classics even today, thanks to their intensity and to a simple but effective song writing style. Master have never played Death Metal in the pure sense of the term, rather a form of down tuned heavy Thrash, and this style is to be found again here. “Dictators” rekindle with the glorious Deathstrike days, while “Cast One Vote”, “American Freedom” and especially “Disturbed” clearly sound like classic Master tracks. Lyrically, Paul Speckmann continues with his anti-American crusade. “Let’s Start A War” is Master’s 5th album from 2002 and has turned out to be a solid and good-class disc containing guitar-heavy Death Metal that has a little more to offer besides aggressiveness. If you can’t imagine what that is, let me tell you that Master can best be described as a mixture between Crowbar and Bolt Thrower. And the bottom line from the whole story? Death Metal isn’t reinvented here, but it still sounds good. And above all, the whole thing is memorable, even if you don’t make friends the first time you hear it.