Necromantia – Epitaph: The Complete Worx – 9 Vinyl special Box - Limited and Numbered

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BBV Direct Import - Greece. 8lb Box, amazing collectors item

For the first time the COMPLETE recordings of the legendary band on 180 gr. vinyl, fully remastered and with special new cover art of nine daemonic entities representing their abysmal music!

ALL recordings from 1990 to 2021!

– Remastered by George Emmanuel at Pentagram Studio

– Cover artwork by Innominandus Horridus

 Lay out by Riccardo Isolabella

A black luxurious box embossed with gold including:

 9 vinyl (180 gr, 3 x Black, 3 x Red, 3 x Gold) with the seal of every daemon embossed in gold

 Printed inserts

 9 posters (30cm x 30cm, suitable for framing)  of high quality parchment paper of each of the covers wrapped in a black cardboard sleeve bearing the band’s insignia

 Certificate of numbering & authenticity signed by The Magus himself!

The Magus states:

So here we are: the epitaph of a band. A band that will not release any new music again. A band who lost half of its soul. A band who descended into the Abyss….

I always dreamt of a box including all our recordings….not as an epitaph though, not under these circumstances….strangely life and death follow their own path….

Well, for the first and last time these are the complete recordings of NECROMANTIA in all their glory. From our early days to our last spell.

The Circle Music made my wish a reality and supported this great project of releasing all our stuff on vinyl, packed in a luxurious box with gold embossing properly entitled: EPITAPH: THE COMPLETE WORX

Each one of the recordings have been exceptionally remastered by George Emmanuel of the infamous PENTAGRAM STUDIO adding a fresh and deadly aura to our music.

All our music is represented, guarded and expressed through 9 daemonic entities: Pazuzu. Satan, Set, Medusa, Typhon, Ahriman, Lucifer, Tiamat and Leviathan. 

Each of them is made by the talented artist Innominadus Horridus who not only paid attention to each detail but after a lot of discussions we had between us , he managed to capture the magical essence of the existence and symbolism behind everything each one of these entities represent in the physical and the spiritual, occult world and the way it is connected to our music.

You can not only see them on the covers of our albums but they are also included as 9 prints on parchment paper along with their seal so you can place them in your chambers and invoke their power and virtues.

In detail the vinyls are:

-The Utter Darkness (promo 90)

-Black Arts (our split with Varathron)

-Crossing the Fiery Path

-Scarlet Evil., Witching Black

-Ancient Pride

-IV: Malice

-The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven

-The Serpent Skull (our split with Αχεροντας plus the covers from “Covering Evil”)

-To the Depths we Descend