Paradise Lost ‎– Draconian Times MMXI – Double Gold Vinyl in Triple Gatefold - DLP

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Gold Vinyl, Triple Gatefold (tri-fold)

"Draconian Times" is Paradise Lost's most recognized and successful album and for good reason, they managed to take a genre of Metal that didn't much recognition until the mid-90's and take it to the next level.

Doom metal and more specifically goth metal itself didn't exist that much in the 80's....outside of say Candlemass and Celtic Frost just barely touching upon the basics of the genre, and they did so with style, but nobody had done it like Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost sound is pure grimly doom/death metal. "Draconian Times" starts out with a somber-sounding piano, excellent way to start off an album.
"Hallowed Land" is one of favorite song: the lead guitar work of Gregor Mackintosh makes this an epic fist-banger.
"The Last Time" is probably their most blatant attempt at making light of the Goth sound with guitars for a huge hit.
After that depressing-induced song comes the way more upbeat and angrier "Once Solemn".
"Elusive Cure" is one song that should have been the leading single off this album: Gregor just lets his fingers hit those wailing, somber melodies.

This is one of the better cuts off the album. "Yearn For Change" continues the song and picks the mood up a notch.
So this album is their creative peak between their older material and the new style of the band.
Even though recently their last two albums have gone back to their original style of their older material, it's all just more of a nostalgia trip.

There's enough doom and gloom here to almost combat with the previous 2 albums and enough progression that surpasses the rest of their discography.

This album comes out in deluxe Triple Gatefold edition, in two colors (Gold / Silver) 500 limited edition each.