Uthullun - Dirges for the Void - Miasmal green & smoke Vinyl LP

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-Limited to 100 Miasmal Green & Smoke Vinyl

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Harmony | Discord | Sorrow | Ecstasy.

Succeeding an EP self-released the past year, the enigmatic ensemble cryptically called Uthullun undertakes a crossing through the uttermost nether regions of mind, body, and spirit. As our terrestrial realm is overwhelmed in havoc and bewilderment, the ghastly tome of harmony and discordance aptly titled “Dirges for the Void” hails and scorns the grimness of such hopelessness. For every melody breathes in and below a suffocating miasma of scorching dissonance and that dichotomic element permeates throughout the whole of this grand work.

Musically defiant, overtly intense, this seven-track ordeal marks a step forward in Uthullun’s evolution in a multifold way, whether through the piercing technicality of the overall performance or the complexity of the arrangements. Indeed, one faces a maelstrom of sublimely intricate patterns, dissonant shapes, and razor-sharp riffs played with supreme precision and multi-layered tenacity without ever losing an organic feel and depth that at times gets lost in other more dexterous and conceptually ambitious music.

The sonic depth of the production definitely benefits the projection of such a grandiose and multilayered aura, for its cohesive and organic nature compels the music to breathe without sounding forced or artificial. This dynamic attitude transpires within the magnificent rhythmic section. The drumming execution seizes the listener from beginning to end on a tastefully flawless endeavor that for all its elaborate and ornate performance manages to constantly carry a sentient touch of grooving complexity, a close accomplice of the serpentine bass impulses that widen the sonic pallet and enhance the weight of this (dis)harmonic undergo.

As one falls imbued in the instrumental presence, demonic shrieks and screams blaze throughout “Dirges for the Void”, a vocal performance as vicious as it conveys a mystic and somberness that confer an almost otherworldly feel to these 40 minutes.

Released by Wolves of Hades on a Limited Edition LP, Unthullun casts a step forward in the direction of the abyss with an opus of sinister Black Metal emanated from the Void, a requiem to the dying soul of a rotten world. (Text by Mário Souto)