Vicious Rumors - Digital Dictator - LTD 200 Transparent Orange Vinyl LP

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BBV Import - 1 per customer. 180 gram vinyl, limited to 200, transparent blue.

Limited edition of 200 copies

 • The legendary follow up album of a band (started in 1979) that still tours the World in 2024

• Released originally on Shrapnel Records in North-America and on Roadrunner Records in Europe in 1988

• Produced by Geoff Thorpe himself

• Cover art by Guy Aitchison

• ”Digital Dictator” was the year’s No. 1 album in Germany’s RockHard

• Vicious Rumors became an international live act at this point: they appeared at the Dutch Aardschok Festival and the Dynamo Open Air Festival (playing in front of 40,000 people)

Legendary US Metal masterpiece finally available again on deluxe180 grams vinyl after more than 35 years! With their sound and style completely defined on their previous and nearly perfect album, “Soldiers of the Night”, Vicious Rumors continue on with yet another outstanding sequel that could go hand in hand with their debut. This is pretty much US Power Metal with actual riffs, and some technical and mindblowing riffs at that with Geoff Thorpe’s tremendous skill and incredible songwriting. The standout here is hands down vocalist Carl Albert (Rest in peace). Nothing but energy sparks from his every lyric spoken. His aggressive and energetic mid-range performance can easily be matched to Bruce Dickinson. Vicious Rumors were truly out of this world when Carl was with them, this being the flawless beginning of that legacy. Its nearly impossible to pinpoint Vicious Rumors exact sound and style and just throw them in one genre, because you really can not. There are a few Speed Metal songs here, a few more Power Metal orientated ones, few hints of progessive structures, and even some Thrashy parts from time to time. Standout tracks would be the self title track, “Minute to Kill”, “R.L.H (Run Like Hell)”, and “Towns of Fire”. Then again, this whole album is just great with no real low points at all. In the end, this is an essential Vicious Rumors album, and often hailed as their finest release!