VORGA - Striving Toward Oblivion - LTD 100 "LP9" Splatter Vinyl LP

By Vorga
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Staff Pick! BBV Direct Import, 1 per customer. Limited to 100 copies, hand numbered. 

 Because the first press of the LPs sold out before the release date and quite a few of the customers missed out on them, this is a repress with all new LP colour variants which will never be repeated. They come in a stellar packaging with gatefold sleeves that have a metallic effect all over with raised UV lamination done on the logos and parts of the artwork

Following a stunning debut EP in 'Radiant Gloom' which landed them a label deal, German black metal band Vorga return with an absolutely scintillating full length that expands upon the music on their debut and takes it to new heights. The sound is more powerful and streamlined than ever before, while remaining intense and sufficiently scathing but not so much so as to blur out the gleaming melodies that add a dimension to the band's atmospheric and otherworldly music. Similar to the sci-fi themed black metal label mates Imperialist, Vorga seem influenced by Dissection but do so much more and sonically are operating almost as an atmospheric black metal band. It's easy to get lost in the intense and engaging soundscapes Vorga create, making the listener mentally traverse endless galaxies and remain enraptured by it all, as they weave together compelling riff after riff, ensuring that no time is wasted during the extraterrestrial journey. This is one of the best and most emphatic expressions of this style, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a fulfilling, edge-of-the-seat experience that's both refreshing and unforgettable.

For fans of - Dissection, Necrophobic, Imperialist, Mare Cognitum, Unanimated, Sacramentum, Dark Funeral, Immortal, Gorgoroth