Weald and Woe - For the Good of the Realm - Hand Numbered, LTD100, Gold Vinyl LP (BBV Exclusive)

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Fiadh Productions and BlastbeatsVinyl proudly present - Weald and Woe, finally on vinyl - limited to 100 copies, hand numbered, distributed exclusively by Blastbeats Vinyl

1 per castle please. Thanks for understanding \m/

Boise, Idaho-based Weald and Woe combines the majesty of the medieval era with the ferocity of classic black metal inspired by Obsequiae, Véhémence, Darkenhöld, Immortal, Ensiferum and many others. The end result is medieval black metal for a modern world, evoking stories of the past to provide a contemporary soundtrack for those undertaking the quest to forge their own kingdom. The new full-length is both dreamy and intense, capturing bygone eras of courtly love and epic battles. The band’s music walks a fine line between triumphant and sophisticated choruses balanced with frigid, breakneck riffing that paints an often elegant but bleak soundscape as the listener is transported to a different time. Swords not optional.