Ayyur - Prevail - Vinyl LP - LTD to 100

By Ayyur
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Black Metal from North Africa. 

"Desolation. Isolation. Detachment. This is what AYYUR conveys through its first full length: pure hermitism in the form of black metal. Elevating themselves within their ivory tower, the artist observes the desolating reality which surrounds them, finding a personal path and the answers to their own questions. "Prevail" is an intimate album, strongly introspective and ruthless at the same time, with lyrics sharp and pungent like blades.
Sonically, AYYUR supports their approach with proud and fierce coherence, complementing their black metal with incursions into doom metal and through electronic/ambient fields.
"Prevail" is the result of an international cooperation, involving three different continents and distributing the album in four different formats (vinyl, CD, tape cassette and digital)."

Vinyl edition co-released by:
Xenoglossy Productions(Italy)
Hidden Rooms Recordings (Tunisia)
Dead Red Queen Records (USA)
ITALIAN IMPORT LP limited to 100 copies worldwide.
Cassette by Hidden Rooms Recordings.
CD by Armées de la Mort Records (France)

Angra Mainyu - vocals, bass, guitars
Shaxul - drums
Algerian mandolin by James (Project Coast - Wales) on track 10

-Vocals, bass and guitars recorded at Hidden Rooms Recordings in Sousse, Tunisia
-Drums recorded at Cripple Room Studio in Le Caveau, France
-Mixed & mastered by Y.O. at Silver Steel Studio in France