Capra - Errors - ltd. 500 Red/White Marble Vinyl LP - EU Import Variant

By Capra
$29.99 USD

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BBV Direct Import - Metalblade Germany

Red/White Marbled Vinyl - EU Variant

+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ Digital Download Card

Capra made a name for themselves with the adrenaline jolt that is 'In Transmission', and now return with their riveting sophomore effort 'Errors'. Maintaining all the elements that made their 2021 debut so compelling - raucous energy, frantic riffs, the from-the-gut lyrics and soul-searing delivery of vocalist Crow Lotus - they've stepped things up, with stronger songwriting and a determination reach the next level. "We wanted to create something authentic, something real and honest. Nothing more and nothing less," says Lotus. Adds guitarist Tyler Harper, "I knew that I wanted it to pick up where the first album left off, but that it needed to have an entirely new attitude. If you listen to the last song from 'In Transmission' into the first song on 'Errors', it's a continuation. From there the album steers off into a direction that still feels similar, but is new."