Carach Angren - Lammendam - Orange and black marbled double vinyl, LTD to 400 copies!

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 In stock and shipping! Orange and black marbled double vinyl, LTD to 400 copies!

When CARACH ANGREN unleashed their debut full-length "Lammendam" in 2008, the Dutch created an immediate stir.
Their skilful combination of melodic black metal with a unique concept based on ghost tales struck a nerve. Musically the influences of the raging madness promoted by CRADLE OF FILTH as well as the epic grandeur championed by DIMMU BORGIR were undeniable. Yet CARACH ANGREN had already established a sound of their own through their demo "The Chase Vault Tragedy" (2004) and the "Ethereal Veiled Existence" EP (2005). The Dutch created a baroque cinematic style that related true to their haunting subject to classical horror movies, which was underlined by the use of violin and grand piano.
Join CARACH ANGREN in their dark encounter with the supernatural!