Ciemra - The Tread Of Darkness - White Vinyl LP

By Ciemra
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BBV Import - Italy. A repress in white vinyl.

Ciemra, Belarusian for “Darkness”, is a Black Metal band from Minsk which came to life in 2019, when five essences emerged from the Abyss to the veils of night on the eve of the end times, in order to reap the living, to satisfy the hunger of Darkness and to nourish the wombs of the Dark Gods.

The Tread Of Darkness is based on the denial of the usual foundations of the world, on the darkest manifestations of human activity, and on energies hidden beyond the Dark Abyss. The nine songs of the album make no mystery of their anti-religiousness, which Ciemra turn into pure black matter.

Nature, in its primordial beauty and originality, also finds a place in The Thread Of Darkness, as there is where Ciemra find themselves at peace.

The Belarusian quintet delivers a fast-paced, cold and pure black metal which is looking at both the classic European sound and its more contemporary interpretations. You will find loads of riffs, as well as the odd solo and melodic hook, which will relentlessly drag you toward the Darkness.