WARFORGED - The Grove | Sundial - Limited Colored Vinyl (2 Variants)

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Good-luck choosing a variant....sheesh. This is such a masterpiece. Technical, melodic death-metal with Grunge influences. We just can't get enough of it. Try not to headbang, smile and at times - dance.  

Following up their massively successful 2019 release, I: Voice, WARFORGED is back swinging harder than ever before. With the same experimental DNA that runs through the blood of the music, the band has set out to re-invent the processes and approaches to bring in new colors, emotions, and a sense of honesty to their sound. The addition of vocalist Tim O'Brien has brought the band a sense of clarity amongst the chaos, with his presence as loud as a freight train inches away from your face. At it's core, the driving force of the band has still remained the same, to make you feel something in the music.