Daniel Bohn - Emotions of the Sky - 2LP ltd /25 *signed* Vinyl

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Prog lovers! BBV is happy to continue supporting independent artists who make some of the best music out there! Daniel is extremely talented and this album is a killer. 

Limited Edition of 25 copies, alt artwork, signed by Daniel. 

Emotions Of The Sky is the third chapter of a tetralogy from Daniel Bohn. The album explores what happened to our main character after he was trapped in the boundless realm. He soon finds out his goddess trapped him there to experience eternal depression and anxiety. The story of the album then journeys through the anger and a protagonist hellbent on revenge, as he tries to silence the goddess for eternity.

The goddess Oizys (Goddess of the immaterial, the mind, spirit and depression) wants to gain favor and power over her sister Plethora (Goddes of the Material, Beauty, Physical Strength and appearance) as society favors the physical vs the immaterial.

Daniel Bohn focuses on progressive metal, with melodic singing and soundtrack-like harmonies splashed with death metal and rock. This chapter will be the heaviest yet, and will favor heavier use of electronics in the music, as seen in Divinity.

Mastering for Emotions Of The Sky was done at Metalkrypt by Dorian whilst the artwork was created by Kerim Fetoum.