DEMON KING - Vesania LP Vinyl (multiple, limited Variants)

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Holy S*it. We can watch the drummer on YouTube forever. So much talent, such a great creation.  

Vesania Variant | Clear with Color Splatter (100 copies worldwide) 
• Worship Variant | Yellow with Neon Orange Splatter (100 copies worldwide)
• Idol Variant | Blue Marble(100 copies worldwide)
Printed Inner Sleeves

From Metal Headbanger Reivew:

"...nothing stands before the viciously focused power of “Vesania” in all that it is from its twisting, complex rhythms that are downright dazzling, captivating melodies that go almost too well with the brutality at play in every moment, and the monstrous energies that make the performance nothing that can be denied in any form. A ferocious work that Demon King should be immensely proud of, the future is amazingly bright for this band and all that it is.

An exemplary creation of what modern technical death metal is able to deliver, Demon King’s rise is not to be underestimated. “Vesania” has it all from its essence to its raw talent that is not to be denied in any form whatsoever, and I can only hope it won’t be long before Demon King returns to us."