Revocation - Netherheaven Baby Blue vinyl LP

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BBV Note: We are still trying to learn these riffs on guitar uffffff...when we're thinking Technical Death - this is what we have in mind. Ripping riffs and melodies when you need them.

Vinyl Features:
+ Baby Blue Vinyl 
+ Single Jacket

EU Import

Angry Metal Guy rated this a 4/5 (and if you know AMG, you know how rare this is). To quote them:

Netherheaven is Revocation’s best record in a decade. Expanding the dark romanticism of Deathless, Davidson, Bamberger and Pearson crank out the darkest, heaviest songs of their career together, never missing a beat. The album’s greatest fault is their singular focus; Bambegrer and Pearson take background roles to the guitar and the trio’s dedication to heft results on a less varied record than Deathless, though it avoids that record’s missteps. But the sparks of joy that ran through the band’s early career are here again. When the searing “Re-crucified” drops the thrashing and blasting to groove around Davidson’s probing, pawing riff, it never fails to put a smile on my face, one that lasts until the spectral wails of harmonized guitars scream Netherheaven to a close.