UNDERGANG – Indhentet af Døden - Transparent Red Vinyl LP

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BBV x  ME SACO UN OJO - Direct Import

Man and his actions, vestiges left behind transcending their own importance. May they have been just acts apparently normal as much as breathing or taking a life away, are. But the truth is that some of them, even if they were just conceived or were born as something ordinary like heart beating which needs of movement, oxygen and feeding, their repercussion last longer than a mere sigh seizing life desperately or a death rattle howl, while existence is slips through abruptly. And so are those scabrous cases deliberately meant to be forgotten or buried as a shame for humanity, indeed like a very personal and perturbing reminder of our condition. While on the other hand, some legacies are meant to be kept alive to warn about our capacity of crossing the frontier between the normality to the atrocity, illustrating us with the examples of that dark side of our nature, morally and conveniently rejected on an hypocrital gesture of self denial. Conscious of its relevance as a milestone of disturbing monstrosity, Me Saco Un Ojo throws Indhentet af Dødhen” once again as a repress, such a compendium of meanness and doubtful taste, right in the face of dormant and secure citizens, as corrosive acid to revolt their nether and un dearest condition