Bloodletter - A Different Kind of Hell - Chaos Color 180g Vinyl LP

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BBV Note: It doesn't get much better than this! Thrashy Melodeath? Serious shredding while being very melodic. 

Including band+label stickers. Limited Edition to 200 with very few copies left worldwide. Chaos Color is a random ecomix. The batch we got is closer to the green/stone in the images. 

180g Heavy Vinyl Press in poly-lined inner sleeve. 

"10/10 Masterpiece" - Leanne “Metal Maiden” Evans, Metal Temple

"Thrashy but melodic, evil but just the right dash of campiness, and holy shit those guitars... This is classic enough for the purists and modern enough to be far more than an homage." - Andrew Lampela, Off Shelf

Bloodletter has sharpened their riffs across a decade of blazing EPs and two full-length records. A Different Kind of Hell is a scorching thrashterpiece with the band’s most lethal songs yet. Blackened speed. Epic harmonized leads. Bloodletter forges distinctly melodic thrash metal with solos hotter than a burning chvrch.

“We wanted to take our sound further, make things more epic and adventurous, but keep the core elements of our sound,” shares vocalist/guitarist Pete Carparelli. “We decided to make this a concept record too which helped give the songs a more focused sound.

While the band’s songwriting skills ascend, their lyrics plunge into a nether realm of nightmares. On past records, Bloodletter confronted personal terrors. But in A Different Kind of Hell they slash their way past supernatural horrors with razor-edged riffage.

“The album is based on the journey of a lone adventurer, who eventually falls victim to a malevolent force,” Carparelli describes. “Each song relives a part of their nightmare and their descent into Hell.”

“Hell isn’t just a place,” he adds, “it’s a nightmare we all end up living. Our greatest fears can take any form and drive us mad. The story told on this record drives home the idea that our interpretation of Hell is different, but no less terrifying than anything we could all imagine.”

A Different Kind of Hell will drive you to madness on July 21st, 2023. Available on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, and Digital from Wise Blood Records.