Dead Talks - Veneration Of The Dead - Marbled Vinyl LP - EU Import

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BBV Direct Import! Finnish Death Metal at its best. 

Tattarisuo Finland in the 1930s: A man stole corpses from the cemetery to first dismember them and then bury them in the mud, because he expected a satanic treasure to rise from the dead as a result.

Timeleap - Today: Based on the case of Tattarisuo, a musical monster arises from the ashes of Corpse Molester Cult to seemingly prove that death is not the end. DEAD TALKS from Lohja (Finland) are ready to unleash their full-length debut “Veneration Of The Dead” full of waltzing midtempo death metal tunes you can’t escape.

The first heavy guitar strums of 'Son Of The Nameless One' let a slow bulldozer roll over the listener, leaving behind nothing but wasteland. You have to face ‘The Human Plague’ now, an all-crushing stomper. The horror picks up the pace - but just a little - to make ‘508’ even more hazardous, and it seems like ‘The End Of The Tunnel’ has been reached. But DEAD TALKS live up to their name and make you face a ‘Pedophile God’. Black’n’roll reigns while the hearse is driven by the ‘Death’s Charioteer’. After this ride, it’s getting more atmospheric during ‘Skinless’ before ‘Trigger/Religion’ makes you want to start the whole terror again.