MAJESTIES - VAST REACHES UNCLAIMED LP Vinyl - available in multiple variants

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Single jacket LP w/ spot gloss print + insert. See available Variants

The creative centers of Obsequiae and Inexorum come together as one in the preeminent new force known as Majesties. To those familiar with the individual pieces that make up Majesties, the sound on debut album ‘Vast Reaches Unclaimed’ will be another striking addition to their respective oeuvres, recalling the glorious days of Wrong Again and No Fashion Records.

Evoking a time when Gothenburg was starting to unseat Stockholm as the unimpeachable city for Swedish Death Metal in the mind of the international metal scene, Majesties have that intrinsic sense of Death Metal’s rabid intensity and the effortlessly satisfying melodic ability that made albums like ‘The Jester Race’ and its immediate forbears instant classics. The mix of major key melodies and twin guitar harmonies snaking through every track ornament the vigorous riff eruptions and anguished vocals in a sheen of gleaming brilliance that proves an exhilarating triumph to behold.

Without a hint of the corruption the style experienced in a post ‘Slaughter of the Soul’ world, ‘Vast Reaches Unclaimed’ exists as a fervent reminder of what was and what again shall be. Majesties are re-animating the corpse of the true Melodic Death Metal style that both divided and invigorated the Death Metal scene of the mid 1990s and bring it into 2023 like it never left, sounding as novel and thrilling as ever.