Sikth - The Future In Whose Eyes? Vinyl LP

By Sikth
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Prog is music for the brain, right? Now go practice on that guitar....

Following their reformation at the UK's legendary Download Festival in 2014, SikTh have been teasing the metal scene with the release of mini-album 'Opacities' in 2015, a support tour in the UK for Slipknot, their first ever US tour as the main support for Periphery, and a 6-week tour at the beginning of 2017 as the main support for Trivium in Europe and the UK. The band also released a deluxe 10th anniversary edition of their popular album 'Death of a Dead Day' on Peaceville in 2016, and, in February 2017, the release of digital single "No Wishbones" as a precursor to the impending album. A keystone in the progressive metal genre, SikTh's legacy gave the inspiration for bands like Protest The Hero, Periphery, TesseracT and Animals As Leaders following their hiatus in 2007. Now in 2017 the intense and enigmatic frontman Mikee Goodman is joined by Alias' vocalist Joe Rosser and special guest singer Spencer Sotelo from Periphery as SikTh's first ever guest performer on an album, cementing the relationship formed between the bands on their US tour in 2016. Mikee commented on the new album: "Personally I feel this is our best album yet. The band have made incredible music, brutal, technically warped and also some psychedelic moments... we've done something special here." The SikTh frontman explained the artwork, created by Meats Meier, whose credits include the film "Hellboy" and TOOL: "Meats Meier is an absolute genius, a visionary and a pioneer. We wanted something really special and we got it; the inspiration was the title itself, the constant evolution of humanity and the self destructive nature of man." Kicking off 'The Future In Whose Eyes?' album campaign in February, the single "No Wishbones" became an instant favourite with streaming platforms; Spotify placed the track on their popular curated playlists "New Metal Tracks", "Top Tracks in Metal" and "Got Djent?"; iTunes selected the single for their "Hot Tracks in Metal" promotions in both the UK and the US; and Deezer chose the track for their "Metal New Releases" playlist. 'The Future In Whose Eyes?' was recorded at Mikee Goodman's studio, Adrian Smith's (Iron Maiden) R&R Studios and at the renowned Monkey Puzzle House. Produced by band member Dan Weller (previous: Enter Shikari, Young Guns & Gallows), and mixing by Periphery's Adam "Nolly" Getgood (mixed Devin Townsend Project & Animals As Leaders).