TERRA BUILDER - Solar Temple - *LTD 150* Gatefold w/ Metallic Effect and UV Lamination Vinyl LP

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BBV Direct Import, 1 per customer. Limited to 150 copies, hand numbered. 

These are high quality LPs that are imported from the best plants in Europe. There's only one variant for this outstanding release which is strictly limited and hand-numbered to 150 copies worldwide. The thick gatefold sleeves have a beautiful metallic effect all over and there's even raised UV lamination done on parts of the layout. The intriguing artwork by Micha Schneider looks amazing here. Each LP comes with a hand-numbered card and download codes.

► Gatefold LP packaging with metallic effect and UV lamination
► Hand-numbered card
► Metallic album artwork sticker
► Multiple download codes
► LPs packed outside the sleeves to avoid
 seam splits

While most bands are content reinterpreting established forms of death/grind music, Terra Builder are constructing their own contemporary version of the same. The songs have the desired cathartic expression but are more meticulous and calculated than normal, and in their case, even have elements of black and sludge metal. It all comes together brilliantly, as they channel their diverse influences through a coherent and consistent sound that they can begin to call their own. Charting through varying terrains, their unpredictable progressions often culminate in neck-snapping breakdowns or massive earth-heaving chugs. All of this is done under the cover of darkness, with the sound exuding a peculiar futuristic, post-apocalyptic vibe. It's clear that Terra Builder are onto something here, creating superbly-written forward-thinking, dark, and invigorating music finely blending suitable elements from multiple extreme metal styles on only their debut release.

For fans of: Pig Destroyer, Altarage, Replicant, Norse, Crypts of Despair, Nails, Spurn